2016 Award Winners

Congratulations to the following players and supporters who received awards from Season 2016.

Best & Fairest


1st Luke Gogis (L.E. Smith Memorial Trophy)
2nd Sam Mason (Charles Hancock Memorial Trophy)
3rd Matthew Martinov

Best First Year Player: Luke Gogis (Dr J.R. Porter Memorial Trophy)


1st Damien Casey (C.A. Foulsham Memorial Trophy)
2nd Orry Lack
3rd Nick Houghton


1st Leon Calvert
2nd Matt Hirschman
3rd Evan Atkins

Under 19s

1st Jesse Maxfield (Fred Yewdall Memorial Trophy)
2nd Nick Oaten
3rd Matt Perry

Other Awards

Life Members

Tim Ashford
Greg Hammond

Best Club Person of the Year

Pamela Simon (Neil Le Page Memorial Trophy)