Player and Community Support

The true essence of community is authentic, respectful and meaningful connection between its members. At Ormond Amateur Football Club our community includes our players, their leadership groups, our volunteers, sponsors and of course, our supporters.

The heart of community football success is talent, absolutely and also opportunity, leadership, holistic support and optimal wellbeing. Without positive community wellbeing, attracting talent is made more difficult, opportunities are harder to attain, leadership is challenged and success lies outside our grasp.

From 2024 Ormond AFC is making a renewed commitment to whole of community connection and wellbeing. As we form and meet as a new committee, we will evolve our initiatives in preparation for a fantastic season start, on and off the field.

We look forward to sharing with you, our community, further information relating to our plans in early 2024; inclusive of:

  • tailored support of our leadership group
  • provision of personalised wellbeing options for players, their families, our volunteers and all our community supporters
  • ongoing connection for those injured or unable to play
  • investment in players’ voices being heard and represented and
  • achieving an environment where all members feel safe, welcome and engaged in the Ormond Amateur Football Club community.